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a body that only embodies, 2020, video, 07:50 min, Bar Babette at KINDL Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin

This video came from my wish to devour a text – a text by the Colombian anthropologist Jonathan Echeverri Zuluage. In it, he writes about the appropriation of the body ranging from colonialism, border (transgression) and eroticism. The question “which part of the body is subject to our supposed command between language and pleasure” naturally leads to the tongue.

The tongue has been accompanying me for a long time, especially in my drawings. They make me think of speechlessness, the “mother tongue”, the power of an untamed Medusa, her snakes growing out of the scalp and her mouth. The tongue is an agile muscle, which is a body part that is the physical correlate, the fleshy part of spoken language.

From the drawings I wanted to film a tongue to see what it shows me when I let it twist and turn. I wanted to be surprised, devoting myself to the task of not knowing. I did not want to possess a tongue, but to see it for what it is: a body that embodies itself. And it is this tongue that also speaks the text in the video.