Mäntel (damit die Welt nicht so schnell kommt), 2019, performance with five coats and chain, Invisible spaces I, Bar K, Berlin 2019

A performance by Kirstin Burckhardt with

camera: Mirjana Vrbaski
editing: Maya Connors
sound: Peder Bugge
l’oeuil exterieur: Dania Burger

In this performance, I engage in a dialogue with my installation (an object consisting of 5 coats forming one bodiless body). During the process, I strip the body of its layers, exploring the sense of touch between care and control.

The title (in English: coats (to prevent the world from entering so fast)) is based on a quote: “Sometimes I have the physical need to wear 5 coats on top of each other to prevent the world from entering so fast.” This sentence surfaced during an interview that I conducted in the context of my continuous research on the connection between empathy, body, and the feeling of having (no) borders.