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Grow a Body, 2017
Performance with Gloria Höckner, 30 min, spoken word, headphones, loudspeakers, 2 spot lights, Sept. 15 & 17, Festival of Future Nows, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
Performance with Gloria Höckner, 30 min, June 30, Centrum, Berlin

Performance with Brenda I. Steinecke Soto, 30 min, Feb. 16, Exploratorio, Medellín (COL)
Photography: Eva Gjaltema

Grow a Body centers around a rhythmic, pulsating reading of a text based on (neuro-)scientific articles, slowly unfolding the underlying question: When is your body complete?


In this performance piece, feelings are carefully placed in conjunction: Starting from disidentifying with a body part, which might ultimately lead to self-amputating a ligament (‘Body Integrity Identity Disorder’), to dissociating from your body completely when in a traumatic situation (“This body is not me, it’s not mine”). A Japanese proverb intersects these two sensations by provocatively stating: “Cutting something into two reveals that it once was one”.


The performance then takes an unexpected turn into what it means to see a body and claim it, finally arriving at a sex symbol from a well-known music video to ask: When is a body “mine”?