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Empathy Pain No-Pla-cebo, 2017
Zine (artist book), 14 x 22 cm, 20 pages, color print, self-published on the occasion of the Festival of Future Nows 2017→∞, Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, 14-17/09/2017
Edition of 20 + 5 artist proofs
Sold at Buchhandlung Walther König, Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin,, and by direct inquiry

“This zine is especially intended for
all readers working with the body.
Consider it a choreographic piece in
as much as a detective
aligns the traces of bodies left
to combine them into
a thickening of plot.


When is the mystery solved?
What is empathy without borders?


In this spirit I offer a stage and let
the players do what
they do best:


        make believe”