things untold  // como un cuerpo, 2017
Artist in Residency at the Fundación Espacio Arte in Medellín (Colombia), Feb-March 2017

things untold // como un cuerpo was the title of my Artist in Residence stay at the Fundación Espacio Arte in Medellín (Colombia) from February – March 2017. The aim of this research-residency was to take the body as a starting point for discussing the current social climate in Colombia following the peace agreement of 2016.


Together with the choreographer and philosopher Brenda Isabel Steinecke Soto, we approached this complex issue through body movement research, outreach workshops, interviews, performance, and public interventions. This Artist in Residency has enabled us to plan our large-scale project own own body own which we will bring to Hamburg (Germany) and Medellín (Colombia).



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A big word of thanks goes to everybody who was involved in this project and to our institutional supporters: