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Performative Encounters, 2022 (ongoing), with Nicole Wendel, each encounter 1 hour, HAUNT|Frontviews, Berlin, images above from an encounter with Saskia Wendland, photographer: Birgit Kaulfuß

As part of our ongoing research on friendship as artistic material Nicole Wendel and I have developed an own format in which the hierarchy of the “performers” and the “audience” is shaken.

Every performative encounter has a clear structure: 45 min. of in-depth conversation in which Nicole and I invite another person on a white piece of paper and provide a space of trust, exploration and honest listening and sharing. All that wants to be heard can surface in the readiness of the participants. Afterwards, we use 15 min. to make a drawing on the 2x2m paper on which our conversation took place – with our bodies and the inner echo of the conversation. This drawing also becomes the basis for the following conversations as an ever-growing and changing practice.